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Hey, I'm Unick Sonu, born on August 28, 1998. I'm all about digital stuff! From making cool content and helping businesses online to buying and selling digital things. I started "Unick Digitals" to mix fun ideas with smart plans. And with "Modern Bharat," I share lots of different stories. Let's explore the digital world together – join me on this exciting journey!

Unick Sonu

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Digital Marketing

I got curious about online magic called digital marketing. Started in August 2021, "Unick Digitals" became my place to help businesses shine on the internet. Learning new tricks daily, I saw my agency grow. Exploring online ads, social media, and websites, I found ways to make brands sparkle. It's been an adventure full of surprises and success stories. Let's keep discovering more together!

Content Creation

From sharing laughs on YouTube to smiles on Instagram, my journey as a content creator is all about entertainment. Starting with a camera and a dream, I jumped into the world of funny videos, stories, and cool pictures. It's about spreading joy, making people laugh, and connecting through screens. Every video view and heartwarming comment is a sign that we're all part of this amazing journey of sharing laughter and good times!


Imagine buying and selling online treasures – that's what flipping is! I began in digital asset flipping, like websites and social accounts. Starting with small moves, I learned the game's rules. Slowly, I grew my skills, and the profits followed. It's a journey of spotting hidden gems, making them shine, and turning them into shiny profits. Join me in this exciting world of flipping!

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Unick Sonu

Whether it's content creation, digital marketing, or flipping digital assets, I'm here to bring creativity to life. Let's connect and explore exciting possibilities together!

Phone: +91 9466122426 Email: contact@unicksonu.com